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Fast Camaro

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I thought my old Firebird had some top end pull if this had wings it could take off

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Yea, cept now its a mangled mess of what used to be a car.

Yeah I saw that.. driver walked away tooo... If I rememeber correctly the crash was at like 160..
Dude my 95 trans am stock would give this thing a run for its money -.- LOL JUST KIDDING hahaha, that is one SICK CAMARO!!!!!!!!
So fast it made me sick to my stomach
Where are you guys finding the crash at?
And seriously crashing at 230 IS INSANE.
The crash was on yahoo news... Last year it ran like a 230.. this year they Were trying to hit like 260 or somethig and lost it... that thing is scrap metal now.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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