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The 20th anniversary of the '93 Indy 500 and the black and white Camaro Pace Car is approaching. 20 years ago this Camaro was commissioned into a dealer Promotional model that was virtually impossible to find when new, thus creating what has come to be known as the scarcest promotional model car of the 1990s.
I have one duplicate of this model, in absolutely mint condition in the original box, with the graphics still sealed in their original envelope. I bought this when new from Schoner Chevrolet in Hartville, Ohio and it has been boxed ever since, in fact the first time it came out since new was to get photographed a couple days back. I would like to offer this 1993 Camaro Pace Car Promotional for $72 plus shipping, please, which is substantially less than I sold them for when new.

ALSO... I have one duplicate of the 1993 Chevy Suburban Chase Vehicle in the same color scheme and graphics...Absolutely in mint in the original box condition. This one is a highly detailed die cast replica made by Brookfield Collectors Guild (out of business since their facility burned over a decade ago) with brilliant paint and crisp graphics. This one was also purchased when new from the Brookfield Corporation. Also offered at this time for $72, plus shipping please.

If any one would choose to take both of these models at the same time I will SHIP THEM FOR FREE to any Continental USA address.

You will be amazed at the condition and level of detail of both of the Promotional models. Both models were licensed by both the Chevrolet Motor Division and The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, as stated on their packaging.

For any additional photos or information please write to me direct at:
[email protected]

Thanks... Tony D.
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