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I have a just a few Camaro and Firebird Dealer models to pass along... as before these are duplicates from my own collection and I bought them from the dealership when they were new. All are in absolutely Mint in the original box condition. These are the models currently available: '93 Torch Red Camaro Z/28, '95 Polo Green Z/28 Convertible, '93 Bright Red Firebird, and '93 Sunfire Yellow Firebird.
The Camaros are Priced at $25 each and the Firebirds which are much scarcer are $29 each... which is about what they were priced at when new... plus shipping, please.
These are the original authorized dealer promotional issues and the colors of each were never offered on these models in subsequent years. You will be amazed at the level of detail of these models.
For further information or photos please write to me direct at:
[email protected]
Thanks...Tony D.
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