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EWP Timing Chain Set

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So I'm swapping to an EWP set up since I'm doing all this work to my new lt1 engine and removing the water pump drive. I was wondering what kind of sbc timing set you guys would recommend for me? I'm not sure if I should go with a single roller or double roller and what the advantages/disadvantages if any are of each of these or which would have problems clearing the timing cover. It will be going on a 93 LT1 but with a vented opti swap from my 96 LT1 engine.
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A double roller like the Cloyes 9-3145 might need some clearancing on the inside of the timing cover. A Cloyes 9-3157 single roller should not. The double is probably the strongest of the two, but the single is plenty strong and nothing to worry about.
The single one mentioned above by shoebox is what I'm using.
I ran a single pro gear timing set when it was a heads/cam car, shifting round 6500 with no issues.

Not 100% what timing set is in the new motor as sad as that is. :lol:

The single one mentioned above by shoebox is what I'm using.
How do you like it? I typed that part number on eBay to see if I could find it cheaper than the $110 it seems to be going for and summit sells it from their eBay store for like $92 but they have it listed as a double roller
It has a nice tight fit compared to a new stock chain.
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