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EVAP Solenoid help please 94 z28 A4

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I have looked all over the web and under all forums, even the shop manual on this issue and its driving me nuts. I bought this car not running and pretty much a basket case. Long story short, car is running and has been for a while and I am trying to get the minor details worked out.

The issue: one of the lines was capped off from the solenoid on the passenger side, EVAP Purge solenoid from what I understand. The line to the charcoal canister is hooked up, according to diagram in picture is the bottom line of the solenoid(this is correct). However, the top valve (shown to go to the throttle body, via emissions diagram) has been long disconnected. I am trying to simply figure out which port on the TB that this line goes to. My breather from passenger VC is connected to the top port, and the 2nd port (right underneath top port) is capped off. I am not entirely sure that the the person that hooked this up did this right, and connected the right lines to the right place. Every diagram and picture that I look at does not show exactly where the lines hook up, so this is where I hoped that someone would know.

Thank you for any and all help.

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If yous is the same as mine.. yes middle port is for that... Top is correct and botton is coolant. Check out for diagrams
I answered this on another forum, but yeah, the capped off port is the only place it can go. There are only two vacuum ports and the sticker clearly notes what the top one is used for. Process of elimination.
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