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Got a 94 Z28 auto out of a field with no keys. It was in a state of disassembly, so I put it together just enough to run and hotwired it. It started. So I got a new ignition cylinder and got door keys cut at the dealer. Drove it behind the garage where it sat for about 6 months. Went to move it around front to work on it again, and it wouldn't start.

I tried checking for spark which I had all the way to the plugs. Pulled #1 and the gap was too big. It had a weak spark over to the edge instead of to the things sticking out. Closed it up to .050 and put it back in. Then it would hit on that one cylinder every rotation.

Later started regapping the other plugs. #3 was actually fine. #5 was too big. #7 was fine. Couldn't get it back in and didn't want to jack the car up on the dirt. Tried to start it, and it would fire up, but not idle. Only ran when giving it gas. Couldn't get it move. Figured if I got plug 7 back in, it would maybe run better and I could move it. Fought with #7 again and finally got it back in the car. Now won't start at all. Ended up towing it around the front with a wench.

Messed with it tonight. Found a broken ground wire. The one that goes from the coil to the frame. It was broken at the frame. Hooked it to ground to see. Cranked it up, still wouldn't start. On a whim, I decided to unplug #7. Car fired up and idled. Put the plug back on #7, won't start at all again.

Does anyone have any idea why unhooking that one plug wire lets it run, but when hooked up, it won't hit a lick on any cylinder?
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