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I don't know if you can see my photo album? It's worth a look if you want to see something unusual....
2-Help Questions, first a lesson learned that may help someone. Can’t just take, have to add to the knowledge base!
Well, after about 40 hours I finally found an intermittent issue that I gave up on and paid 2 different shops to fix, which they didn't. I finally figured it out and now it's a beast again. Let's see who gets it?
Symptoms: Hard Start, No Start, Rough Idle- very rough, stalling out at low RPMS with possibility of no start, being left stranded.
I replaced a lot of parts.... Spent about $600 on labor. Was going to sell, now I going to keep and re-restore. Dam New Jersey rust. POR under coating, lasted 10 years but now is peeling off like a bad sunburn.
Answer Coming Soon!

Now for Help>
I have an engine swap, LOL, which took 10 yrs. to get right. At least what I considered to be right. Which is a long list....
But I don't have the ability to get any codes, OBD anything. What can I mod for codes? Wiring? I have the readers. Maybe would have helped me in the above problem.

Second Help- I need AC. I finally got it to be comfortable and reliable enough for long distance trips. This summer I am towing my Boston Whaler down to Virginia. I am Irish and I can't take the heat, and the wind going 70MPH, can get to you after a few hours.
So I have an AC spinning on my serpentine belt. Don't know if it's any good? And after that I got nothing. No Lines, evap, blower, etc. I figure with all the AC deletes; I should be able to find a complete setup? Or should I get an out of the box generic kit? How to help?

Any good shop Manuals?

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WE have 93, 94, 95, & 96 factory shop manuals in 4th gen section sticky threads. Also 4th gen parts books. has aldl wiring on his site.

All service manuals have complete wiring diagrams. 93-95 manuals will have ecm or pcm wiring list in the driveability & emissions section. Which would include aldl wiring.

Now for your no start, stalling, running poorly problem. My GUESS from the tiny bit of info you provided is; coolant temp sensor on water pump was bad.

For your ac, plenty of lt1 cars being parted out on craigslist. You can pick up a complete ac system or even a complete car. Rob the doner car of the parts you want then sell car for most of what you have invested in it. Of course no gaurentee that compressor or other ac parts will be usable.

But you can always replace the bad ones. Of course you will probably have to do some adaption of the GM ac system to work on your Jeep.

A generic kit would also work, and everything would be new. With it you would again have to adapt pieces as kit would be designed for jeep with a original engine.

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Welcome aboard! Check out as well, a local fbody club with a knowledgeable fan base.

The ac situation seems tough. How much is a kit for a cj? I would think going that route sans compressor and a couple custom lines out of the compressor is the easiest way to retrofit ac in.
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