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engine stumbling

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Hello all, I'm a neebie.
I have a 95 LT1 in my 71 olds vista cruiser with a 200r4 trani.
I noticed today for the first time on medium to hard accl. the car stumbles or misses then backfires. Once that happens it clears a little, but is still noticable. On easy acceleraton I really cant feel or here it.
I do have a 58mm t-body and a larger mass air with a cone filter.
Any ideas.
thanks again, mike
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When it comes to an LT1 running bad, step one is check the Opti-Spark.
How old is the opti?

Plugs? Wires?

We need more information!

Have you done any troubleshooting yet?
Man everybody jumps on the opti bandwagon sooo fast. Check for codes, I bet your O2's are acting up...or rather, not acting at all.
Thank you for the help. The opti spark, O2 sensors, and plug were new when the engine was put in. The opti spark is the later part#. I scanned for codes and none showed up.
I have had the car running for 2 years but now its a dailey driver. I live in LA
and traffic sucks. So I believe the miss is new. I have not driven for 1.5-2 hours straight since completion.
Thanks again for the help, mike
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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