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engine apart, headgasket replacment PLEAS HELP

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hey guys im needing some advise i got my heads off finally after being on it for 13 hours yesterday but both head gaskets looked just fine not blown and heads dont appear to have any cracks i cleaned them up and my motor was rebuilt in the last couple years you can still see the hone from rebuild. i was starting to assume a cracked block, but i called a trusted mechanic and he said the intake gasket could have been bad causing the fuel injectors to squirt into the cooling system but im just so confused i dont want to put it all back together and it still over heat, i need to know what to look for im no master mechanic with engine internals but i have a friend helping me with it and hes rebuilt engines before so any help is appriciated pleas hurry
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I don't know how any trusted mechanic could say such a thing. Where an injector could squirt anywhere near a cooling passage in an intake that has none is baffling.

You should have the heads checked for cracks and straightness by a shop. You can't do that with the naked eye.
Ok I may have miss understood him but I gotta wait till tomorrow to have heads checked but I hope it's anything but a cracked block :(
Might help if you would list the symptoms that lead you to believe you had blown head gaskets.
Combustion gas in cooling system
Yes, that's a pretty sure sign of head gasket failure, warped heads, cracked heads or cracked block.

Hope it's not the block.
Yea I'm just hoping its not a block I don't wanna have to pull motor
Yea I'm just hoping its not a block I don't wanna have to pull motor
If you already pulled the heads, the rest is much easier. :lol:

Ill post some pics if I ever get it back together lol
i almost forgot to tell you guys but the intake manifold bolts were bairly tight when i was removing them, but like i said the headgaskets looked ( not blown) and intake gaskets looked good so idk how its gonna be any easier.. plus i only have work off till the 30th and then i can only mess with it on my days off

im 100% sure my motor was pulled and completely rebuilt you can still see the hones and i have the lovely 1.6 roller rockers ill post pics later but im taking heads to have them checked tomorrow, if they check out fine is there anyway to check block for sure for cracks with out pulling? (i prolly know that answer) lol but im just doing everything i can to get it going im not gonna cut corners, but i just thought i was just doing gaskets :(
My bone stock motor still had hone marks at 90k so thats not always the best judge.

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Unless the block has a big crack you can see by inspecting, you will need to take it out, disassemble it, and have it magnifluxed at a machine shop. That's why I'm hoping it's a head that's bad, or you can't see the defect in the head gasket.

I used to work on Italian cars, which were the king of blown head gaskets. Most times the blow out spot was easy to see, but every once in a while, you couldn't see anything wrong with the gasket, yet it was blown and the aluminum head warped.
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