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Electrical Short in 97 TA WS6

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Hey everyone, I have a short somewhere in my 97 TA WS6. The left turn signal blows constantly, and I've gone through two headlight motors on the left side as well in a relatively short time. Obviously I'll just go through and test for where the short is, but has anyone else had a similar problem with this make, model, and generation?
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First step is to download the 96 service manual located in 4th gen section. Title of thread is GM service manuals. 96 will be about 99% the same as your 97. Then you need to consult the wiring diagrams. Near the beginning of the diagram section will be the power distribution diagrams. Look for the fuze's that are blowing and note the components served by the fuses that are blowing. After that you might have to consult the wiring diagrams for the specific components served by the affected fuses.

Then you start disconnecting components, one at a time until you find the component, that when disconnected, stops the fuse from blowing. You have now found the offending circuit. You then trace the wiring to look for shorts. Also remember the component itself could be shorted causing the problem.
Alright I appreciate it. I have the 97 Service Manuals, hard copy and digital, so that's not an issue.

However, your suggestion implies that there are fuses blowing, I should have been more specific perhaps: The fuse to my turn front left turn signal isn't blowing, the actual bulb is. Repeatedly. And I've lost two headlamp motors on the same side in a relatively short time as well. Not sure if that tests the same or not as what you're saying.
Since your not blowing fuses, the above method won't work. It makes the problem more difficult to track down, but not impossible. First question I have for you is this, are the headlight motors and the left turn signal on the same electrical circuit? If yes you have a common denominator to help you search. If no, then you have 2 different problems happening at the same time.
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