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electrical problems...

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so, i tried to start the car the other day, and it did start, but the guages pegged out and went back to normal after a second, and the idle went to about 2500 or so and stayed there for a little bit. then after it calmed down i drove away and everytime i would push in the clutch it would stay at 2500 rpms for a while then go back down. when i hit the brakes the headlights would dim as would the interior lights too. and when i turned on the highbeams the radio would cutout for a sec.

then i went home and it stayed parked for a day and when i went to start it i turned the key, and the radio came on and then antenna went up, and my phone charger light was on, so the batt was def not dead at all, but when i turned the key to start it, it clicked like it was a dead battery. when i hooked up the jumper cables to my batt (not hooked to other car yet) the power came back on and we went ahead and jumped it. it seemed like a freak occurance, but it wasnt...

i drove for a few hours home (was off at a friends college) and when i stopped at a food place for about 45 mins, i went to start the car and the radio came on and everything,but when i turned the key it clicked like the batt was dead. i just turned the key back off and tried again after a second and it started right up.

then i went to advance and had the batt and alt tested and they were both good. of course while i was there getting them tested nothing went wrong. the car started good and the lights didnt dim when i hit the brakes.

then i parked it for the night and when i went out this morning to start it it did the same thing. so i went and grabbed my mulimeter out of the truck and tested the battery, and it tested good. but, when i connected the test leads to the batt, i heard the power come back on inside the car(door was open). so i took off the leads and went to start it, and it wouldnt start, just clicked and power went off. so i went and put the leads back on the batt and it showed good voltage, and i heard the power come back on. this time i left the leads on the battery and went to start it, and it fired right up.

also, i got under the car, pulled out the battery followed the cables and theyre all good. no loose wires or anything.
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How are the battery terminals? This happened to a buddy of mine and his negative terminal was shot. We pretty much pulled it right out of the battery with little effort.
the battery isnt even that old. its a red top that i bought a few months ago. the thing is, when i had the multimeter on it, i first put the leads on the cables themselves, then when i went back the second time, i put the leads on the two top connections on the top of the battery.

when we pulled the battery it looked good too, it also tested 12.5vdc out of the car. so its a good battery. and it tested about 12.5vdc when the car is running too.
Have you checked all of the grounds? Double check the back of the heads and the ground in the pasenger side wheel well.
theres grounds on the back of the heads? i checked everywhere but there , since i didnt know.
99formulam6 said:
theres grounds on the back of the heads? i checked everywhere but there , since i didnt know.

hmm, i will check those out next time i drive the car. but it was just completely random. i went to start it and it just freaked out, nothing led up to it at all
Does your security light stay on?
nope. when i turn the key it clicks as if the batt is dead, and then there is no power for anything. it doesnt do it all the time either, i stopped for gas and it started fine. and after i pulled the batt and checked the grounds it seems to be doing fine now, but i havent drove all day and wont get a chance to drive it until tomorrow
I'd guess either a bad ground or you're gonna have to start chasing wires.
Hey check the battery post on the relay center on driver side i found them bruning the relay box when they came loose.
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