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egr and air pump removal

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I tried to find a previous thread.. and help or thoughts is appreciated.. got and installed all block offs so the q now is what all can come off.. I'm going to have it l flashed out when I send My ecu in next week.. so there is 1 relay on top of the intake that goes to egr can all that be deleted.. two or 3 other relays on pass side of engine with vaccuum lines going to and from them along with air pump .. are any of these needed still or can they all be removed.. thanks.
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So I did some research.. and I found answers to most of My q. So I'm gonna have pcmforless flash out all My air and egr stuff.. so My question is what should I have flashed out.. egr solonoid obviously.. what bout air pump bleed valve? Or vaccuum solonoid between intake and shutoff valve? Ok to turn it all off and romove and cap accordingly.
you can pull the solenoid for the EGR and all lines and wiring for it, and cap off the port on the intake that the solenoid used to connect to. for the air pump, everything can go, every hose, check valve, and solenoid

i'd ditch the connectors too, you can snip 'em, shrink tube them so the wires are protected, and tuck them into the harness..

once you've deleted a ton of emissions stuff, it's almost worth it to pull the entire engine harness, remove all the wiring all the way back to the pcm, and re-wrap it. it cleans everything up quite a bit. especially if you delete air conditioning too. that's a lot of unnecessary wiring
Thanks Steveo that's what I figured but wanted some confirmation. Time to ditch it all... I'll leave the connectors as I have everything to turn the car.back to bone stock if I.ever wanted to . And I'm keeping the ac as well... But the rest of that garbage is.going on the shelves next to all the other stuff..
Had to reinstall My bat to uninstall My power programmer.... man was it hard to not start it... I'll do it right and wait till I get my ecu back... This close to the end of such a big build I'm dying .
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