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Egr and air delete

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I just did a cam and heads job on my 93 lt1 TA. Just got everything put back together and I did the egr and air delete but I still have the wiring connectors for them just laying there. What do I do with them? Do I need to put the egr selonod on and hook it to the harness or just leave it laying there. Also is there anything I should check or expect on my first fire up today? Just installed the LE2 heads and cam setup with headers. No computer tune yet.
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What are you trying to do with the EGR?

Also no tune on heads and cam? Expect it to run like crap.
Just wrap into the harness, or, cut em out.

Either way, you need a tune.

those things will be tuned out, when you get it tuned. until you get it tuned, it's going to throw a check engine light. no big deal..

ditch the solenoid. i'd cut the pigtails off, shrink tube the wires so they're safe, and tuck them into your harness. having extra connectors hanging around is ugly
I'm defiantly getting it tuned before I drive it but I am just excited about the first startup after all the work I have put into it. This is the first time I have went this deep into a motor so wish me luck and I am expecting it to not run right and some check engine lights but just hope everything is good and it fires up.
Well it didn't go as planned. Tried to start it and it keep turning over and over. My guess is the opti went bad while it was laying on the garage floor for the past 2 or 3 months.
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