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EFA Fall shoootout OCT 1, Budds Creek, MD

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this is the last of 05 and all other events will be based on this turnout. The 4th gen scene seems to be dieing down, so if you can, please try to atleast come out and watch. Its only 30bucks to race! Payouts arent huge, but the rules are simple and fun! Payout info is in the link above but for most classes its 150-250bucks. Im editing those daily as I get them. East Side(lead sponsor), Tbyrne, Texas Speed, Fbody Central, B&L Racing, Shiz ported TB's, and Red dragon racing are all helping sponsor.

All classes are heads up.. the fav's are pure street LS1/LT1(SI classes) and the mod LS1 class(H/C under 360ci cars). We need cars to see how much interest is still out there in these events, so regardless of if you have a 14sec car or a 9sec ride, it doesnt matter. Come race and support a good cause if you can.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] But everything should be answered in the link uptop. Please look it over and im sure everyone will find the rules easy to go by(no weight limits and etc etc)

Thanks and we hope to see everyone on Oct 1st!

PS -- I have been told that if enough V6ers show up, they will give us our own class!
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