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The new version of EEHack is (probably) stable enough to use!

It records, modifies, tunes, analyzes, graphs, and flashes your LT1 in almost every conceivable way to help you nail the perfect tune more quickly.

This thing is now a monster with many tens of thousands of lines of code, and exponentially more features than any LT1 datalogging utility on the market, for free.

I worked hard on this's a full 4.0 feature list....

Data Acquisition and Playback (From ECM)

Displays only engine parameters useful for advanced tuning. No air conditioning or traction control junk, just fuel, spark, air, idle, etc.
Full-time data recording — If you’re connected, you’re logging.
Save data to disk in raw format or CSV export
Optionally load multiple logs into the buffer for playback and analysis
Accelerated acquisition mode with increased acq rate available (requires patch)
Displays DTC error codes with both numbers and descriptions
Open loop AFR target display (requires patch)
Wideband O2 linear input from AC or Pin D27 with simplified two-point arbitrary configuration, presets, and optional smoothing
Read entire BLM cell memory set directly from ECM
Display BLM/INT as RAW or as percentage with optional precision and round-to-zero
Visual knock warning (flashes the screen bright red)

Real-time parameters (To ECM)

Skews timing advance in real-time as addition/subtraction from programmed value on a slider, with a 5 degree safety switch
Automatically modify timing per-region with a 3×3 map/rpm “Autospark” table
Optional knock-reactive routine, removes timing advance permanently on knock for safety
Disable arbitrary injectors per-cylinder to test cylinder strength, available automated cylinder strength test with bar graphs
Override AFR target to try custom air fuel ratios on the fly
Override idle target RPM or move IAC stepper motor directly
Force closed/open loop
Force BLM learn enable/disable
Force fans, A/C compressor, AIR pump enable/disable
Force gear selection and TCC lock/unlock
Clear DTC error codes
Reset BLM cell data
Onboard notepad with snapshot buttons to note the conditions when you’ve found ideal values
Custom command insertion with automatic checksum and length calculation, single-shot or loop mode

Data Graphing

Graphs four parameters with twin synchronized time-domain anti-aliased plotters
Drag/mousewheel for move/zoom control
Click graph to jump to display record
Optionally mark closed loop and WOT sections with a colored transparent overlay
Preset buttons for common data set combinations

EEPROM Programming (Bin Write/Read)

Selective E-side and T-side write (potential 50% reduction in flash time) with automatic previous bin comparison
Flash write compression with up to 8% reduction in flash time
Passive ‘eehack improving’ code insertion (optional) which enables advanced features like open loop AFR and faster log rates
Unique ‘failed flash’ recovery routine attempts to retry and save your ECM instead of bricking it if something goes wrong.
Bin READ with optional RAM section omission (10% faster bin read)
Read and set any 17 char string as your VIN number or calibration ID instantly with a single click

Static Data Analysis Module

Very fast “One-click” analyzer has sane default settings, and rarely requires configuration
Cell-based ‘real average’ closed loop trim analyzer will analyze BLMs in MAF and VE scope
Cell-based ‘open loop in wideband’ analyzer will analyze average AFR or percentage of error (if patch applied) in MAF and VE scope
Separate idle AFR analysis
Power enrichment AFR analysis with Wideband
Knock scatter chart shows per-event knock magnitude, location, and power enrichment status
O2 performance (min, max, cross count) analyzer
BLM cell population and range analyzer


Passive ‘new version’ notification (Optional)
Optional debug logging in separate window
Metric/imperial units switch for temperature and speed
Manually specify your log and bin storage directory, and all of your save/load dialogs will start there

This thing clobbers commercial LT1 dataloggers now, if you use the ‘donate’ button in the about tab and throw me a few bucks, I’d appreciate it a lot!

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Thanks for all you work Steveo, its an awesome program! I am going to start to learn to use the flash on it since TC fried my chip a couple days ago. I sent you an email a few days ago regarding resetting knock count, did u get it?

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Sounds like a lot of work and a GREAT contribution to the LT1 community. Real time parameter changes :eek: As soon as a I get a working laptop I'll definitely be giving it a try. Can't wait.

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I am going to start to learn to use the flash on it since TC fried my chip a couple days ago.
tunercat's flash tool is very stable, so i doubt it was the software's fault.

keep in mind my software has only been flashing ecms for a few months, whereas tunercat/winflash has been working for what, over a decade?

the only real difference in logic between tunercat/winflash and eehack is in the event of a failure mine will try really hard to recover instead of just throwing an error. there are checkpoints where it can potentially go back, erase, and try again. only works once in a while though.

eehack probably will kill as many ecms as tunercat will.

my car is sitting there dead because of a bad flash right now, although i'd flashed it so many hundreds of times, i guess s#%t happens

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EEHack’s 4.1 release is now out!

For those of you running 4.0, hopefully the automatic version notification worked, and this notice won’t even be necessary…

Highlights include improvements to the graphing module, the knock analyzer module, and some minor tune-ups to flash write timing to decrease the chance that errors will occur.

This release is also important as I’ve changed the way font sizes are displayed. Some users with modern high dpi displays with enlarged fonts found the program unusable. This should help a lot.

See release announcement for download link: EEHack 4.1 Released – fbodytech

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please help me test out the new beta.... tons of changes, and should be more stable than ever. im trying to make it a lot simpler for people that just want to use it as a flash tool or whatever, they never even have to see the rest of the program.

$EEHack Beta Testing – fbodytech

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another new beta, see details here: EEHack 4.5 Beta – fbodytech

would appreciate people testing it out, there are bugs to be found for sure... (don't worry, i didn't do anything sketchy to the flash routine)
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