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Today was Mopar dyno day at the local speed shop. A buddy and I hung out there for quite a while this afternoon and I managed to sneak on for the last car of the night. There were several 11-second big blocks strapped down before me. The highest one was 361rwhp (Mustang Dyno). I made three pulls and then the hard drive crashed. Was having a little bit of trouble getting the car to rev above 5800ish. A friend stood up on the hoist on the last run and said that my headers were glowing red. I guess its pretty lean.

Anyways, I didn't get the printouts as the hard drive crashed but the three pulls were 351, 352, and 357. I'll have to go back once its up and running and play with fuel and timing. The car still has a nasty stumble down low that I hope to get partially cured for next Friday. So I guess I have a baseline to play with for now.

Combo is: 406, AFR 195, Demon 750 DP, RPM Air-Gap, Comp Custom Solid Roller 236/242 - 614"/.629, Hooker 2210s, TH350, 3500 stall, 3.73 gears
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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