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Dumb Question. How to get turn signals into bumper?

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I just bought a new bumper to replace my broken one and we're swapping the amber lights over and we can't get them in the holes perfectly. We've tried sliding it down the little rail, but then the fat side wont fit in. We've tried going in sideways then flipping, but it's too tight. We're trying to get them in there so there isn't that 1/2 inch gap between the light and bumper. Any ideas?
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You are installing them from the backside, right? They are side specific too, is that correct? And they aren't upside down, right? If its an aftermarket/chinese bumper, that can be the issue too.
[QUOTEIf its an aftermarket/chinese bumper, that can be the issue too.[/QUOTE]

I was going to ask the same thing. I purchased a spoiler from an aftermarket company and it didn't fit exacly like it should have. You may wana double check.
It's a stock bumper off a 94 Camaro but we figured it out, when the bumper was tilted upward it wasn't letting the lights sit in the holes properly. As soon as we set it upright on the grass they fell into place.
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