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Dumb Mistake

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Alright, just went to my first day at college and I go drive to buy my books at a discount store. I park walk in buy my books then leave but as I am about to leave i decided to drive forward instead of reversing cuz it looked all clear. Aparently there was a curb and i drove over the curb and smacked my car down on this curb. I backed up looked under didn't see anything wrong. Think I screwed anything up?
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Does it pull right or left when driving?

Have you jacked it up to look underneath?

Check your airdam and front swaybar,look for scrapes on the swaybar,if there are none then you don't need to check any farther.

If it is scraped check the bar and end links and check your oil pan.
I checked the oil pan and thats fine but never checked the sway bars.

It still drives strait, has a slight slight slight pull to the right but thats been there for the past week i think i have to put more air in my tires to get rid of that.
Sounds like you got away with one :)
transamtom said:
Sounds like you got away with one :)
God man I hope so, i feel so stupid, the sheer fact that i did that is just so so...ugh....lame
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