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Driveshaft durability?

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With a Strange 12 bolt and McLeod Street Twin cluch, can I clutch dump to launch the car or is that going to cause the driveshaft to break?

The ST is impossible to slip....if I keep the dumps to 3000-3500rpm will I avoid driveshaft problems or other things such as twisting the output shaft of the transmission?
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chris, do you run an alum. driveshaft? I have never seen an aluminum ford unit break, especially in a street car. The things you are going to be beating on most by dumping the clutch are lash items, such as rear end gears, axles, etc. (TIRES) You would have to REALLY hook and have some real solid axles to snap a driveshaft in half.. now the bolts might be a different story, but they are usually really strong as well. Also in the transmissions they typicly arent of the steel that likes to twist, they will break if anything, or more commonly strip the splines into the yoke of the driveshaft and make it a real pleasure to try and remove. I have seen yokes twist, but never an output shaft.
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