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Driver Side Has Popping

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HI! My 95 Firebird has a popping/clicking noise from the drivers side. If turning left it is worse but if you barely press the brake it will stop for awhile. Had a mechanic check the brakes out and he said they were fine. (of course it didn't pop when he test drove it). Someone told me it might be a wheel hub assembly. Has anyone had this situation before or know what it might be?

Thanks a lot.
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Still searching for advice on this.

Still haven't found anything on this situation. Would really appreciate any advice/opinions of what this may be. Also wanted to add if turning to the right it will also stop the click/clunking sound.
can you record said sound?
No I can't record it. It only happens when driving and it seems to start after been rolling for a bit. It sounds worse if turning to the left. If I just barely touch brake the sound will stop momentarily.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Have both front wheel bearings checked out... Sounds like same scenario as my dads Silverado, and gf's trailblazer lol
Ok Kicks96Z I will do that.
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