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draining gas from tank!

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hey guys I have a 95 Camaro z28 auto. and It sat for a while so I think it has bad gas bc the car is not running right.. how can I get the bad gas out of my tank I don't think theres much about 1/4 of a tank but I need it all out!! please tell me easy ways to get it out im not looking to take the whole tank out jus a method on how to pump it out with the fuel pump or what line I can pull
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You could take line off at filter and turn key on . The pump should keep going . Then you could change the filter after that .
Key on prime only lasts for a few seconds. Instead use the fuel pump prime connector, located on passenger inner fender, near the 2 large connectors. has a pic of it on his site. Just run a wire from battery to prime connector, and fuel pump will run as long as you need it to.
Der ! Holly cow totally forgot about that . Thanks for correcting . Had a ... Moment there . Lol yes what coco said is the better way . Forgot he had that on his site .
Ok thank you guys so much!

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don't run the tank dry with it hooked up thou cus you might cook the fuel pump. but to get majority of it out is good.
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