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diy ac delete pulley

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turns out, it's really easy to make a nice compact a/c delete pulley from an old dead a/c compressor

the result is of top quality with a proper weighted/balanced steel pulley and a gigantic sealed bearing with very little play. no cutting, machining, or shimming is necessary.

the only downside is the weight of the pulley itself (because it has thick material for the clutch), but it can be drilled out for further weight reduction.

1. pull front cover off with a puller. there is a tool for it (i borrowed one from GM), but dont be afraid to hammer the living hell out of the center shaft, or just ream/drill it out until it falls apart. nothing inside that hole will remain. discard

2. remove circlip and remove the pulley. might take a puller or bearing splitter (mine did due to rust) but it's not a big deal. try to salvage the circlip and clean it up, it will be re-used.

3. break clutch assembly off with a prybar. it's just press fit, should come off easily. discard

4. remove the 6 long bolts holding the compressor assembly to the pulley base. discard bolts

5. hold the front cover in a vice, and smack the compressor housing with a hammer till it falls off. be careful, there's probably oil in it. discard.

6. remove inner seal and wiper from the pulley base (it's circlipped in too). if it wont come out, it can stay there.

7. replace the pulley. spin it and check for freeplay. if it's all good, just throw it on, reinstall circlip, and it's done. you may have to clean up the casting a bit when reinstalling so it sits nice and flush with the groove for the circlip.

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Good idea for those on a tight budget, as for me- l bought one.
That's an interesting take on that I must say. Surprised no one has ever attempted this before
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