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Ted from Albuquerque here,

Recently purchased a 02 WS6, was doing a tune up and noticed the rubber piece coming off the stock air filter cover going to the MAF was torn and dirt was getting in. There was a layer of dirt covering the TB blade. I cleaned it up with a shop paper towel and will be ordering a SLP lid to take care of that part of the problem. Do I need to clean the inside of the intake manifold? How is the best way to go about this? Your feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance.

BTW there were some pieces of the rubber tubing from the air intake lid trapped against the MAF screen. Good reason not to de-screen it.


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Remove it and clean it. You could use orange oil, windex, soap and water, gas, engine cleaner, tb cleaner, mineral spirits, kerosene, acetone, etc. Just let it dry when done. It has captured gaskets so you shouldn't need to replace them.
Or if you aren't worried about more dirt getting into the engine, remove the TB and spray the inside with TB cleaner and wipe out what you can reach with a rag.
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