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Dimensions for 93-97 Ram Air Box??

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Hey everyone, I recently installed a ram air hood on my '94 Bird, and I'm looking to get some ram air in there! Problem is, I just can't swing spending $600+ on a new ram air box, so I figured why not design and 3d print my own?
I'm hoping someone on here has a Firehawk/Ram air equipped LT1 that wouldn't mind taking some dimensions of the unit for me? My plan is to use Solidworks to design it in pieces that will lock together so it can be 3d printed. Once I've got a finished product I'm happy with I'll gladly post the .STL files and assembly instructions on here for anyone who wants to do the same! Attached are some sketches that show the dimensions I'm looking for.

Massive thanks to anyone willing to take the time to do this!

*Side note: since I don't plan on selling/profiting from the design, this should all be perfectly legal šŸ˜

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