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dashboard problem!

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Hi! I have a 1996 firebird formula... 5.7 lt1 350... and the red backlight in the speedometer and tachometer and everything stopped working! My guages still work and when I turn the key once all my service lights light up fine. so is it a bad bulb? Or what else could it be? What are some diagnostics tests I can do to figure it out?
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Have you tried tracing tge fuses linked to your dash? It may also be a bad bulb or two. You may have to investigate a little more.
I suggest downloading the 96 service manual and using the dimming light diagram to trace the path of your light circuit. All the instruments and lighted switches use this circuit. If none of them work, start with the fuse and work your way through the circuit. The dimmer rheostat is a prime suspect.But check all paths in the wiring diagram. 1 or 2 burnt out bulbs won't shut the whole thing down.

Wiring diagrams also available at BBB Industries- Premium Alternators, Starters, Power Steering Products
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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