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Cranks but wont start

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96 Camaro LT4 T56

I have been reading threads for several days trying to figure out my problem with no luck.

Ill try to be as detailed as I can and I appreciate anyones assistance.

The car will crank with no start.
I am getting fire at the spark plugs according to my spark tester.
I am getting 38 psi fuel pressure at the fuel rails

I have scanned the PCM and getting the following codes

I plan on checking the fuel injector pulse as soon as I get some help to crank the car, but im trying to get your opinions.
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considering you have some entirely unrelated codes, i'd carefully check your ecm connections as well as your ground wires (drivers fender to coil bracket, big battery cable to engine mount) as a shakey ground can fool the ecm into thinking there are issues where there aren't....

once you've done that, your first one is a maf code, just for kicks try unplugging the maf and see if it starts (it'll run fine without a maf, just a bit rich..)

if it's sparking through a proper spark tester @ the plug wires, that means your opti is at least kinda working, it should at least be trying to start. and if the opti is working... the injectors should be firing too, if they're getting power (probe pink wire with key on) and the wiring to the ecm is intact

can your scanner read sensor values? did you check your coolant temp and intake air temp to see if they're near ambient temperature?
of course the other one is VATS.. is your security light on?

it's possible that the starter circuit has been bypassed around the anti-theft stuff at some point, but vats is still disabling injector pulse..

Thanks for such a quick response.

I will check for the grounds you have mentioned for sure. That could be a quick fix and inexpensive as well.

I will also try to unplug the MAF and see if she will start. I just replaced the MAF recently, but its still throwing the code.

As far as the injectors go, I purchased a noid light set to test the injectors. I haven't been able to do that yet. Its hard to get help when its 25 degrees outside lol. but i plan on checking the injectors for pulse tonight.

My scanner is the cheapest one i could find. I hesitated on buying it and not a better one.

I have been scratching my head about the VATS every sense this started. I have read how to bypass the vats several times and I think I could try that if my injectors aren't firing. When you first turn the key to the "on"position the red light on the dash comes on for a few seconds and then it turns off. When the key is off, the red light flashes. I don't know if that helps anyone confirm its not the vats?

Again, I appreciate your help and look forward to hearing any more ideas.


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The injectors are getting power. I checked them with noid light and they are firing.

At this point, I feel like its either the opti or the icm.
Ignition Control Module - had the same issue a couple of months ago, but a lot warmer here in AZ!
Ignition Control Module - had the same issue a couple of months ago, but a lot warmer here in AZ!
Where in AZ you at? I'm in Tucson and Casa Grande.

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Cool. My ex lives NW side I live by the airport. You go to SID often?

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Ignition Control Module - had the same issue a couple of months ago, but a lot warmer here in AZ!
Was you getting spark at your plugs with a bad ICM?
Was you getting spark at your plugs with a bad ICM?
Yes, we had spark, but it was real weak. Not enough to start the car anyway.

At least it's a relatively easy replacement once you remove the air intake. Actually it seems like every repair I have performed on that car requires that stuff to be removed!

BTW- the auto store should be able to test the module before you drop the $75!
New ICM, still crank with no start.

Changed the Opti and its running.
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