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I have a couple of parts in the garage I no longer need.

2006 5.3 PCM from a Silverado Z71 4x4 Auto-tuned by nelson performance- tire size in pcm is wrong so it sets an ABS light (does not affect ABS operation) other than that it is AWESOME its got the 89/93 octane tune and picks up 40 hp. it is a noticeable difference. Ill take 200 shipped on this. the tune alone is 300 buckaroos on this guy.

1994 Camaro Z28 M6 PCM-tuned by Solomon of LT1PCMTUNING.COM.
It has the power tune on it, Never used it as I decided to go Carb in my LT1/T56 RX7. Ill take 150 Shipped on this one.

I also have two Intake manifolds for an LT1, one has rails and injectors still (stock) Ill take 75 + shipping on this one.

The other intake is just that, just an intake Ill take 50 bucks + shipping.

I have a 94 LT1 Engine harness, slightly chopped but lots of great connectors still on it. Once again didnt need it due to carb swap.
Ill take 100 bucks + shipping.

Finally I have an EGR delete kit on one of the intakes, I will separate if needed, Ill do 20 shipped on this guy.

I can get pics upon request, items are located at buddies garage. All items are in Abilene TX 79603. I would like to deal with paypal only.

PM here, or Text 509-833-7029

Thanks guys,

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