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1994 Camaro Z28
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This may be long winded but I’m giving as much info as possible. (Also, I had full intentions to fix every issue listed, just need help with the low oil pressure as it’s major.)

I just bought my first 1994 F-Body Camaro. It’s my first V8 and I was super excited. Anyways, during the test drive the only issue was that it sputtered below 1500 RPM (seemed to have no effect on performance when driving), and smelled like it was burning oil. Me and my dad had drove this thing for close to an hour with no new issues. I brought it home and immediately changed the oil and fuel as well as the filter for the oil (not the fuel as I only had the oil filter laying around and couldn’t get a fuel filter till the next day), and did a general look over of the car. The only issue that we could visually see was oil around the oil filter but that was fixed with the new filter. We drove it back home and let it sit overnight and during the next day until that next evening when I took it for a 3 mile drive. I’d parked it to get food, came back out and started it to the usual sputter and burning oil smell, nothing new. I’m about half a mile home when out of nowhere my oil pressure drops to zero and when the automatic transmission shifted to second what sound like a lifter started tapping at 2000rpm. I panicked and coasted into my driveway before immediately shutting off the engine to avoid as much damage as I could in my worried state (I should’ve just pulled over).
With everything listed do you have any ideas? With as many symptoms as it has it’s hard to diagnose with as little experience as I have and I know the most effective way would be to rebuild the whole engine but I don’t have the ability to do that as of now. Thanks for any help ya’ll may give and if you have anything else for me to check let me know!
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