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Correct me if I'm wrong

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Someone selling a 01 Z28 (97k miles) with:

Aftermarket cam (dunno)
LT Headers
SLP Intake
Drag Shocks ??
Drag Sway Bars ??
MSD Ignition System
Roller rockers (?? dunno size/type)
6 speed

"This car can do mid-high 12's quarter mile on Slicks"

Now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't a totally stock 01 on slicks capable of high-mid 12' by itself? I would ASSUME with the other mods the car should be low 12's if not 12. This is in Oregon about 400 elevation.

I was thinking of going to look at it. Only wants $5k and in my area thats a steal (most stockers with that mileage usually sell for $10k+)
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Minor bolt ons and a tire can get into 12's definitely. I don't know the DA for when he raced or if the car even 60' that well. Having all the parts is one thing, making them all work together correctly is totally different.

If it has drag sway bars, he's a fool. You don't want a front sway bar drag racing and when you start making decent power and 60' hard, a drag bar will help straighten the launch.
a 6 speed LS1 with 97k on the clock? for 5 grand??

i would definitely take a look, is this a craigslist post? it bothers me that he doesn't know what cam is in it or what rockers he has. unless of course he bought the car like that, but he should still know what the engine has in it

i was looking at an older SBC for my Z a few months ago. the guy said it had a cam, rebuilt internals, ported heads, and punched .040 over. i asked what kind of cam was in it he didn't know, he also didnt know the brand of the crank, rods, pistons, whether it was cast or forged, yet HE was the one who did ALL the work... i walked
A 97K 01 for $5000 sounds like one of those scam jobs where they want you to send them a check for the car and they will deliver it later. Later in like when hell freezes over.

Don't get me wrong, I see $3 -$4k ls1 cars in Florida fairly regularly, but they usually have 180K or more on the clock and need some major repairs done.
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