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Hey, team,

It is me again. I just got back again to work on my dream car. '95 Z28 M6. When I bought it came with 42lb E-85 inectors, and a 255 Walbro pump. This was around December. When I bought it, I was informed to put e85 in it because the car was "tuned" for it. However, after purchasing, the seller informed me that his buddy said he actually never "tuned" it. The car ran pretty alright for the 2 weeks I was in Nashville. However, coming back in March, I start her up and she ran great until 6 days in and would not crank over. Flash forward to now, now being home, I replaced the opti and she fired up like nobodies business on 2 gallons of e85 in the tank. After 10 minutes of idling she died. In order to start her over (while warm) I had to press on the gas and keep pressing to make sure she idled. If I did not, she sounded like she would drown in fuel. Anyways, I have purchased 250CC "stock" injectors and am currently changing them out from the 42lb ones - based off the premise that the car is still running on the stock tune and that stock injectors will eliminate what appears to be flooding.

To sum it all up! I have attached the .bin file of my beauty and I just wanna know if anyone can confirm if it actually is stock! Thank you guys! You all rock!
(Well it wont let me add it) But if anyone is willing to take a quick glance at it today to make sure what is on the PCM is stock would be great!
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