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Contest Winner List

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Let's keep track of who has won what.

Contest 1: $100 off any purchase of $1000 or more from Nasty Performance
Winner: superslow

Contest 2: Zaino Starter Kit from Zaino
Winner: blownbuick

Contest 3: $100 off a Shortblock & Tshirt from RPM
Grand prize $100 off shortblock + tshirt: tbojbob
T-shirt winners: Keliente, musclemac05, dustinw & jpsartre12

Contest 4: $100 off a 12 Bolt or 9" Rear End from Billingsley Racing

Contest 5: $100 gift certificate from Custom SSI

Contest 6: $200 Tbyrne Motorsports Gift Cert & XL Tshirt from Tbyrne
Winner: Sick Puppy

Contest 7: T-Shirt redesign Contest. Winner gets a T-Shirt, 2 decals and a free Supporting Mebership
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Thanks to everybody that participated in the giveaways and thanks to all the sponsors that contributed.

We're going to have one more contest here in a couple of weeks, a design contest for a new site t-shirt image/logo. The winner will get a Supporting Membership and the first T-shirt with the new logo. Stay tuned for a starting announcement soon.
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