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Contest Rules

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Over the next few months members will have the chance to win one of several exciting giveaways. We'll bring you gift certificates and discount coupons from many of our sponsors, and perhaps even sample products.

We'll be announcing the first of these contests soon.

The basic rules are pretty simple:
1. You must be a registered member and you must post in the official thread for the particular contest you are entering.
2. All the entries will be placed in a random pot and one name will be drawn.
3. Past winners will be ineligible for the next/newest contest
4. Moderators, sponsors and affiliated persons thereof will be ineligible in order to allow members a greater chance of winning a prize.

We may have to add more rules as issues arise or if needed for a particular contest, but we are going to strive for fair rules that allow our members the greatest chance at winning a prize. Stay tuned!!

(Sponsors: If you have not been contacted about participating and would like to, please PM or email me)
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