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Contest 2: Zaino Starter Kit. Register NOW!!!

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Contest begins on November 14.

Post a reply to this message to win. A winner will be selected at random on Noember 22 at 6pm. I will contact the winner via email and the kit will ship as soon as I receive a response w/address.

Contents of the starter kit are below.

Remember, you must be a registered member to win! If you're not a member here yet, please sign up for your chance to win.
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It would be really cool if I could win this. I'd think of it as an wedding present!!!!!
sign me up!!
After putting in my new motor she will need a wash. :cancan:
sign me up please.....I'll try it.
Biff85ta said:

Staff members can't win.
I'm ready for a wax job. Sign me up. :lol:
Register me as well.
mee tooo register me
count me in
sign me up!
Dont bother reading all the other posts... Im the winner. :roflmao:
I'm in.....Thanks
I'm down. my car could use a good scrub.
Does this include the girl to come put it on? :D

Sign me up either way ;)
I go through car care products like water on my baby... I could use some :D
41 - 60 of 96 Posts
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