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Comp Magnum rocker adjusting nuts giving up

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When I overhauled the 396 in 1997, I installed Comp Magnum rocker arms and used the supplied nuts. I wasn't particularly impressed with the locking capability of the nuts when new, but this year they've gotten so bad that one rocker loosened on its own to the point of clattering. I finally got around to "fixing" it July 4th, when "real" parts stores were closed, ended up chasing down stock replacement rocker arm kits at chain stores to rob them of the nuts. An expensive way to get 4 nuts.

I'm thinking a full new set is in order, but not sure which ones to get. These are self-locking hex nuts with a chamfer on the bottom side (same style as stock). If someone has a recommendation for replacements, I'm all ears.
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I have the Comp Magnum roller tips with the hex/allen locks. It stays put even after using it ith the solid L88 cam.I would check for side to side movement on the valvetrain.I dont see it loosening to easily
Unfortunately, poly locks do occasionally come loose. I have to check mine fairly regularly.
These are the regular self-locking nuts.

I bought a new set that I hope to be able to install in the next week.
The locking mechanism definately gets into the threads on the new ones. They're tighter than the old, but still don't give you that "grunt" feeling to move them.

Perhaps I do need new studs.
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