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Ok so car is up on jack stands . Was just fine . Sat for a week . Started it up and bam . Check engine light . Po335 and po336 . It's a 96 Trans am m6 conversion . Changed crank sensor ... Still came back . Took every ground off cleaned and put back . Undid every connector sprayed with cleaner . Plugged back in . Traced wires to PCM ... Fine ... It runs very rich and has a slight miss also . All I can think of is opti . I have the gm service manuals but don't have the real time scanner . I do have lt1 edit and the obd 2 read on it but ... Nothing to undicate anything else . Any clues , input ... Thanks !!! Also
I'm not computer time savy so
Might have to explain more to me than what is obvious . Thanks agin ,

Oooojhh also ... Since its the conversion ... I see a black connector by starter plugged into a wire that it looks to be a capacitor of some type . With key on a red led light blinks inside of it . I have no clue what it's for but assume it has to so with going from an auto to the m6 plug .

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Have you tried the free obd2 scan program found in the 4th gen section. I'm guessing you already have a cable since you have lt1 edit.

According to the troubleshooting guide in the manual, things like worn timing set, damaged timing cover, etc can cause the 2 codes.

When you checked the wiring involved with the crank sensor and pcm, did you unhook both ends of each wire and check with ohmmeter for continuity and excess resistance. Both no continuity and excess resistance in wiring can cause problems with sensor and pcm. Also shorts in wiring can mess you up.

If I remember correctly, the sensor must be a specific distance from the crank reluctor. When you changed the sensor, did you measure the gap to see if it's correct.
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