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94 has 383 and Vortech Supercharger, 02 is Stock
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Hey Everyone,

First of all, thank you to everyone for taking the time to review my posts and provide input to help me solve my Code 41 issue. I really appreciate it and hope that this may help others solve the problem faster!! With the help of a local Fbody and LT1 enthusiast from FB that lives in the next town over, I was able to finally resolve my Code 41 issue on Monday! My car died while I was doing some test runs the weekend after Thanksgiving - so it has been down for over 6 months while I tried to fix it. I've spent countless frustrating hours trying to find the bug, but I did learn a lot.

It turns out it was a bad ICM connector. I had considered it when going through the flowchart from the manual for Code 41, but ruled it out since the volts, ohms and resistance all checked out when I probed it using the shbox tests. This was a mistake since the flowchart at the bottom of the page says it is the ICM or the ICM connector After working a few hours on Monday with some help and almost giving up, I finally suggested trying to start the car while I wiggled the connector. Sure enough it fired up and stayed running while I pushed it up towards the hood, and started several times. I have a connector on order and will get it today. I"m looking forward to driving and improving the car again!

Here is the original post for reference:

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