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Josh said:
That seems to be a recurring theme with the new FI sport compacts. My fiance's SRT4, which is rated at 230, made 223 RWHP completely stock. She added a CAI and made 233 at the wheels.

i think ya mean FWHP :thumbsup:

and yes Dodge did severly underrate the SRT-s HP. chevy has done the same thing, but its still not enough to catch the SRT, i hate to say it but its still too little too late for GM in the sport compact world.

and If they had put as much company support towards the F-body they never would have stopped making it and the LS-1 guys would probably have a facotry turbo kit or something equally as nice. but Gm decided to not support their mid level sports car and it cost them the entire market.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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