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"Clunk" noise coming from the rear end of 1994 Camaro z28

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Every time that I hit a bump in the road I can hear a strange "clunk" noise coming from underneath the car in the rear. When it is just me driving the car, it isn't as significant, but with a passenger or two it becomes noticeably loud with every bump. I have a 3 inch flowmaster exhaust system on the car and one of the pipes is very close to the frame but has some clearance. I have thought that the pipe could be hitting the frame causing the "clunk", but everything is welded and the exhaust pipes do not budge. Also, the rear shocks are only about 7-8 months old, and are still in good condition. Any advice would be great, because the noise is extremely aggravating :mad:
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i have a similar noise coming from what seems to be the left rear (driver rear). I thought it was the exhaust, then i changed the it from the oem piece to a magnaflow unit and the sounds persists. it seems to only happen to me when cornering at low speeds(under 20mph) i checked my end links and everything thing seems to be tight. the exhaust hangers are tight i am not sure what it is. but the more and more i listen and hear it I think its the exhaust because everything performs properly.
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