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If you're the biggest Chevrolet Camaro fan in the world and feel compelled to own anything and everything Camaro, this novelty PC might just be made for you. With a price tag of $1,300 it's no trinket, but you do get a functional computer for the price (minus the keyboard, mouse and monitor) and it is a cool desk accessory.

The Camaro PC measures in at 20-inches, so it's pretty portable if you wanted to carry it around to show off or actually use. No specs on the actual processor has been revealed, but we're guessing it's an Atom of some sort that's commonly seen in netbooks. It does sport 8 GB of RAM (which is pretty darn good), a 500 GB hard drive and Windows 7. There's four total USB ports and a DVD-RW. It also features built-in ethernet and Wi-Fi along with HDMI out and an onboard sound card. The coolest part? The headlights turn on while the computer's on.

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