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check in from mass

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1. marlborough here
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Norwood in the house lol
what up anthony.. we need to get more people for this section
def this could be like the dunks crew forum too ha
hahaha ya!! DD represent lol
Whats up anthony?
welcome everyone, wats up mike
C Murda in the house...I NEED A DAMN BMR TORQUE ARM!!!!
No need to fear the F-Bobby is here. Soon to be taking down Ls-1s again in the 3rd gen Holla! lol
wat do u mean again
haha maddie seems like u found that somewat amusing too
haha yup
joe wants to know why u didnt come down to dunks tonight anthony
i was at wendys in my town.... seems a lot of people are starting to gather there now like we do at dunks and its a lot closer to me haha. did joe get his LTs on yet ?
no he hasnt put em on yet hopefully ill get mine on before him hehehe .... what kind of cars are gathering at wendys??
nothing to fast as of yet... but some trucks aand couple stangs but we do , do a ton of racing haha
Pansy 'cities' ;)

Brockton in da house here! :D
Red Devil said:
Pansy 'cities' ;)

Brockton in da house here! :D
welcome man , i heard there was some big racing scene goin on in brockton this year ?
1 - 20 of 96 Posts
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