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Cheaper parts in Canada?

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I live in Canada and have a bone stock Lt1 Z28. My only issue is that every canadian retailer has insane prices. For example, a magnaflow catback is like $600 at parts source! Any Canadian brethren out there know of a way to get stuff for more reasonable prices?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts has warehouses in Canada and will ship in Ontario within a couple days. I've ordered a few things from them and they've been not too bad for prices and you won't have duty fees if they stock it in their Canadian warehouse
Thanks man :). You have a mean Z btw, I dig
$600 isn't that bad for a magnaflow catback on our side of the border.

just to give you an idea of how parts work, from someone in the canadian parts business.. magnaflow probably wholesales that catback for around $420 (assuming they're a fairly low volume dealer)

shipping them up here plus all that insane duty at the border can be $70-80 per unit, as exhaust parts are really heavy. that cost can be lower if they order many at a time on a truckload.

then there's their overhead.. they have to pay the guy to sell you the thing, as well as all the other staff to keep the store running, nice displays, power bills.. losses of stock parts that they order and nobody ever buys... etc

so really, in the end, they're making about 80 bucks profit on that thing, and that profit helps ensure they are there, still in business in your area if something goes wrong, if it arrives damaged, if you need to claim warranty, etc, it becomes their problem.

see... you look online, and summit racing sells it for $478 usd.

cheaper? you're getting ripped off at $600? nope. you end up paying the freight and duty, i dont know if you've ever done this before, but it will easily reach $600 by the time it gets to your door. it will take ages to arrive, and if there's a problem on arrival, you're likely responsible for paying return shipping to correct it
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Ideally, finding retailers with Canadian warehouses is best. That way duty is no worries and the guy at the performance
parts store who gives everyone a differant price still makes his profit
As for the magnaflow exhaust. Go to a exhaust shop and they can make it up for a whole lot less than $600
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