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Charlotte/Gastonia, NC - Area Firebird/TA/F-body Group

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Looking to get a group/club together in the Charlotte/Gastonia, NC Area and wondering how many of you would be interested (if any)
Going to try and get a first meet & greet in about a month/month and a half.
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Hey guys. Jeff and I have discussed it and we are having a show at dale earnhardt Chevy in Newton on June 15. And we decided to open it to all f-bodies. So... let one of us know if you can make it. We have some details that need to passed on. Check the southern forum for it.

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Just need to know the day and I'll be there... I might not,be in,town due too my job and,stuff. But I'll Deffinitly show,if I,got the time. Perferibly on a late Friday or saturday

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i'm down that will give me a little time to wrap up some of my improvement's :rockon:
I am still game, and my friend probably is too. Just have to give him a shout. and waiting till the spring sounds like a plan. So just let me know and I will see if I am available.
Well I'm 45 and my mom is still pissing on my wheaties I'm out I probably can't go we will see.
Sounds like fun. Is this an annual event? I'd like to attend future gatherings. And if you know of any please post.
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