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CEL, 2 codes

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Oh well, just picked up my new bird today, halfway home CEL comes on, Im like GREAT!! Got home, I have a CarMD tool, so I hooked it up and heres what it showed:
P1416 and B1001
any info on these codes, one I believe has something to do with AIR and the other I believe is an airbag issue(airbag light on dash is not on). Any help on possible fixes for these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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P1416 says PCM activated air pump test, fresh air should flow through hoses and check valve into Bank 2 right (passanger) exhaust manifold. Fresh air should cause the right O2 to read lean, and O2 did not go lean. Could be clogged check valve, or weak/bad air pump. Since test worked OK on the left side.. the right check valve plugged up could be most likely problem..

B1001 without a air bag indicator can be a configuration error or conflict between the car and the SDM ( Sensing Diagnostic Module) AKA: air bag controller. Most commonly caused by the PCM VIN number not matching the VIN in the SDM. Has either been replaced ??
not to my knowledge, before I bought the car, I looked up carfax and another site where I checked the VIN, and no accidents came up, at least not reported ones :rolleyes:. So apparently it was in an accident where the bags deployed. There any kind of fix for that code? Do my airbags still work?(hate to find out the hard way) thanks
Sorry I don't have correct manuals for your setup.. Maybe someone else can chime in and help.. The software requires the vehicle info to react to sensor input and w/o confirmation results (DTC B1001) actions could be different for each setup. Air bags are pretty important so I'd pay attention to this code .
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