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Turning the ac on causes both fans to run on high speed. If car isn't over heating with ac on, I'd say that your fans aren't coming on due to temp of coolant.

But, what do you think is too hot. Engine was made to run at over 200 degrees. 220 is not cause for concern. Fans don't kick on low speed until 226 degrees. High speed fans kick on at 236 degrees.

If you suspect fuel pump of going out, get a fuel pressure tester and hook it to the fuel rail schrader valve. Tape gauge to passenger side of windshield and have helper watch .fuel pressure.

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Ok. So I bought a cheapo smoke machine and worked beautifully. So, I found 2 things so far. 1. the exhaust broke loose from muffler intake and is hanging free but still directing most of exhaust to tailpipe. 2. The CAI has a crack and is leaking at the intake manifold. Between these 2 issues could they be causing my high HC? Also changed my O2 sensors for the hell of it since they are 25 years old. Thoughts? Thanks.
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