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Cant figure it out

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I Have a new pan new gasket and my transmission is still leaking I cant figure it out. Its leaking at the front of the pan where there is gap you have 2 bolts on the right and one on the left and the space in between the three front bolts does anyone have clue
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Not exactly sure of your question other than your trans leaks, re read what you wrote and revise it please. ed
Can tell me why my transmission oil pan is leaking I bought a new pan gasket and it still leaking in the same spot I want to know if I'm missing something or am I using the wrong gasket
Can you or any tell how I can fix this problem or what to look for
Thanks for your revision, First off,pull the pan down again. Make sure all the gasket surfaces are clean, all around. I use a putty knife first and then I use a single edge razor blade for the small and tough pieces.Clean the bottom of the trans first and then clean the trans pan of any gasket material. Also make sure the pan is not bent or tweeked in any way. I would clean both surfaces off with a solvent cleaner maybe Brake and parts cleaner,put the cleaner on a fresh rag and wipe the surfaces down really well. Then lay the gasket on the trans pan and tighten the bolts up a little at at time,until they are snug, but dont overtighten. Refill trans and make sure to check the level and you should be good. Dont tighten one bolt after another,start at a point and then tighten another bolt at the other end of the pan and so forth. Thats alot of writting for just a simple task, so many details, but whatever it takes for a soldier! ed:poke:
Because the pan is sheet steel, if someone over torqued the bolts at sometime in the transmission's life, they could have bent the pan sealing surface. Even with a new gasket, the pan would still leak with that problem.

The only solution is a new pan. If it were me, I'd pony up the extra bucks for an aluminum pan with drain plug. When you install, look up the torque value in a repair manual and strictly adhere to that torque valve. Many people over torque valve covers, oil pans, trans pans, and end up with leaks.
What kind of pan gasket are you using? Cork and rubber gaskets will usually leak. Look for a gasket made from Farpak or Durapreme. As mentioned, make sure the surface is clean and the pan rails are flat.
Many people missdiagnose leaks as being from the pan. 4L60Es are notorious for the junk teflon pump bushing walking forward and causing a front seal leak. You might want to pull your converter inspection cover off and look up inside there. Front pumps can also leak around the 0-ring, converter hubs crack, the servo on the trans can leak, as well as cooler lines, case electrical connector, and vent. These things are located above the pan, so when they leak, it will run down and mimic a pan leak.

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