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Can I remove EPROM chip

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Hoping to figure out if I should remove the chip as I have no idea if its tuned properly and no idea how to check or tune it myself. 93 trans am LT1 Just wondering what the chip actually does other than keep my fans on with my 160 tstat. On a side note The car has headers and a k&n in the stock air box. From the looks the exhaust was changed but not 100%. I've complained a bit that the car doesn't throw me back in the seat like my other trans ams so any advice would help.
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93 chip is removable, but without the chip your engine is helpless. It performs all , fuel, ignition timing, and spark functions. Plus other essential functions.

to check what tune you have on the chip, you can use the 93 lt1 version of tunercat. You can get a free 30 day trial of tunercat, but you will have to pony up 20 dollars for the correct definition file for tunercat to read your ecm. Get at

You will also need a cable to connect car's dlc to usb port of laptop or notebook. Get at

While at tunercat site, you might as well download the trial version of DataMaster, which is a good code and running sensor data scan program. Good for 20 free data scans and unlimited data playback.

If you need a new chip programed for your 93 these establishments can do it for you.
Thank you that's a lot of great info and some good sources I will look into ASAP. Any ideas in my air intake
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