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can i fit 15's in a camaro?

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hey guys i have a 95 z28 camaro and 2 15 inch kicker crvs does anyone make a box so i can have those subs fit it?
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common guys im really interested in if someone makes a box to fit 2 15's for a 95 camaro?
not sure if a company sells them but I've made a sealed box for 2 JL 15"s in a 94 maro, and I'm running 1 DD 15" a ported box in my 95 maro. you could build one just takes alot of measuring and time.
Make sure you can get enough airspace for those cvrs because kicker products in general LOVE air and you will love them back if you give what they need, if sealed try to get AT LEAST 2.5 cubes per side, vented I think is out of the question, but they slam in sealed enclousures
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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