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Camaro guys with a cowl hood..

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Please post pics, and the brand. Also, include any complaints.

Plz and thank you.
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What hood are you thinking about getting?
I don't know yet. Heck keeps saying that I should go with the.. Harwood? I forget.

Thats why I wanna see pics. Whatever one hes talking about (and I'll find out later) he says looks the best of all of them.
I'm going with VFN hood.
Ok Brian. Thank you, now post pics or you will be banned from replying to anymore of my threads! lol!!
:lol: Hang on
Here it is on my buddy's car. VFN 2" cowl.


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SlowPurpleLT1 said:
im starting to really like that hood
So do a frontend conversion and put that hood on. Durr. :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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