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Camaro/Firebird Reunion @ Corvette Museum

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Sept 15-17, 2005

Annual F-body gathering in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Museum & plant tours, Autocross, Drag racing, & special guest speakers and show cars from GM.

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Already got the Calender circled. :)
If you haven't been to the museum , it's definitely worth seeing. I would like to check out a plant tour . I bet they don't build them like the Peterbilts, LOL.Just hope it doesn't remind of my home during the week , too much overtime!
I really wish it was Friday thru Sunday still instead of Thursday thru Saturday. Speaking of OT Mike, looks like they got us scheduled Saturdays tru September.
i of course live here...
Yea I live there too.....Already sent in my registration :banana: ...should be a great time. :D
So if I just want to drive up and check out cars that Saturday is that a possibility, or do I have to register and pay for that (I'm aware there is a link, I skimmed and didn't see anything, I'm lazy :p)? I'd maybe even come up Friday night if there would be some stuff going on.
Yea man you can come up on not pay a dime. All the registration does is get you a dash plaque and access to all the siminars and museum. I don't go to the other crap, since I live around here anyways, but I do like the siminars and the show. It's worth $15.00 to me just for that, for all 3 days.
Well I work all day on weekdays so Saturday I'll probably just come up and hang out. Seems to me I have something that might be going on that weekend but I'll have to check. If I'm free I'll come up for Saturday and hang out.
I know i'll be around my car at some point :).......if you see me come say hi
I will be there, but will mostly be at the track I suspect watching the cars all day!!!
Do you have to register to run at the track? When are they doing the drag strip runs? How strict are they on tech? :D
We plan on being there tuning actually.
hell yea im going to this one, its great every year, just to bad i cant bring my S/C LT1 down. ill have to settle for the red one. ill be leaving PA at 1:00 pm fri. and will be there all weekend at home then driving back to pick up my girl friend at the airport in pittsburgh mon. morning for graduation, ha ha, its going to be a fun
Is that your g/f in your avatar :p
Good point, I was wondering that myself........... :D

cthomas said:
Is that your g/f in your avatar :p
I'll be there Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. I'm sure I will be around my car at some point. I'm a young skinny white dude with real short hair. Just yell at me or smack me in the back of the head :nutkick:
Cool Matt, I get to smack you in the back of the head now :box: :D
If you make it Josh, come say hi.
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