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Hello I am trying to smog a 1994 Z28 M/T car in CA 117K miles- was once originally a federal car. At some point a 2nd cat was put on (for a state with strict smog laws like CA) - The smog is close in many areas and just a little high @ one section.

My question isI have a 95 trans am CA car 98K miles that passed with very low numbers. Both cars are all stock except for a K&N air intake.

It got me thinking is the tune in the computer different for a FED 1994 car and a CA car? I am doing a couple O2's just cause I do not know the age to see if it helps (15mph NO was boarderline high) all others were below but not great. Front CAT is original, rear is a CA legal type.

If the TUNE is different does anyone know of someone that can build a CA tune for a M/T vehicle or one with good emmissions not sure how that effects the performance.

I was just really surprised how much better the 95 CA car blew at the smog station than the FED car, and of course it may be just the car too and I need to dig into it.

Any insight would be great.

Thank you

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